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"I was shown all human beings are shrouded in ignorance by design in order to learn hard lessons in each life we live. When you die, the superficial facade falls away and we awaken from the dream into reality."

Horses have been Lura Ketchledge’s life they have also been her death. In 1979 at the age of nineteen she was killed in a riding accident. Between life and death in those few golden moments before she returned Lura had a dramatic life shifting Near Death Experience. This wonderful combination of Near Death Experience, creativity, and burning curiosity into the paranormal collided transforming Lura into an artist and storyteller. Lura studied art history at the New School for Social Research in New York City. She worked on “The Joe Franklin Show” late night TV talk show in NYC. She studied under Hollywood screenwriter Charles Edward Pogue and later wrote, produced and directed her first movie Another Apocalyptic Zombie Movie. She has been part of the horse world, either owning horses or living on a horse farm in most of her adult life. As an author, Lura completed a fictional book trilogy entitled The Near-Death Saga. Lura Kethledge's haunted horse farm was featured in Time Money Land in 2011. Since 2009 she has been on over 150 national radio shows and written a number of articles for a variety of paranormal magazines. In 2011 she was a featured guest on the TV shows "My Ghost Story" and "My Ghost Story Caught on Camera" in 2013. She is the only guest on My Ghost Story invited back to do a second show. After being seen on TV, paranormal investigators conducted five separate paranormal investigations at her farm. All the teams had positive findings such as audible EVP’s, photographs and documented video of Orb’s. Lura is considered a well-respected paranormal expert.