Eleanor’s Mother

Was it a dream? Was it a hallucination? Had I lost my mind? Or, was I really murdered in my past life? A few years back, I was a skeptic about reincarnation, but I am certainly a believer now.
I have a routine that I practice, a combination of Hemi-Sync CD audio meditation, with a variety of guided questions to felicitate paranormal contact. Questions asked not to the living, but to the dead. During my meditation, one random afternoon in 2009, I posed the question, ‘Who was I, before I was me?’ Nothing happened, truth be told nothing usually takes place, during these sessions. I went to sleep that night almost forgetting what I had asked that afternoon. During my sleep, I woke up with all my senses electrified, and I knew this was more than a lucid dream.
But, where was I? Could I have entered into an altered state of astral projection? Was it possible that I had detached from my body and traveled to another plane of existence, outside of physical reality? I was befuddled.
At the same time, I was fully alert and aware of standing in some great golden-colored chamber. The texture of the walls, I can only describe as dense, while appearing light-weight, almost swirly. The color was more-than-gold, an airy beautiful hue that I can find no words to describe.
I held on to myself, like a humble child, hugging herself with her arms, unable to speak or move. There, I encountered a woman, only her face and shoulders were visible, like in a square picture frame but not the rest of her body. The edges of the square were clearly defined with a shadowy haze directly behind her. She looked at me as if she were expecting me. As for her age, she was over fifty and heavyset with brownish hair.
Next, like a proclamation, she informed me, "I was your mother. Your name was Eleanor. A jealous boyfriend murdered you, in 1942!" Those were her precise words. Suddenly, I was abruptly pulled back to my physical body. I found myself sitting up in bed, stunned at what had transpired, unable to catch my breath.
Two days later, I was quietly standing in a swimming pool when a picture, that is the only name I can come up with to describe it, was presented to me like a snapshot. I was able to see two things at the same time, my view of the pool and a strange women’s face. My gut told me the woman in the picture was me, when I was Eleanor!
I had straight shoulder-length red hair, parted on my right side. My eyes were blue and somewhat small. I was a young-adult and a bit overweight but not obese with fair skin, almost to the point of being pale. My nose was straight and pointed, framed by wide cheeks that were full, almost plump. I had a pronounced chin, not a big chin, a distinct chin and a face that was not beautiful or unattractive, just more or less average, a girl next door. Seeing my mother in a past life’s face, speak my name and what year I died felt surreal. Being told I had been murdered had the most unnerving effect on me and made me wish I had never posed the question.
More information than that has never come to me, even though I have tried. My sixth-sense tells me that Eleanor was killed with a large knife, perhaps a butcher's knife. Eleanor’s mother wouldn’t have given me so many details, without a reason; that seems obvious.
I saw Eleanor quite clearly, and I might be able to recognize her face again, perhaps in an obituary or a family photo, if I could find one. There is a puzzle that needs to be solved in my present life, a link to the person who was me. Unable to fully express what I saw with words, I took to canvas in Eleanor’s Mother. I invite you to discreetly roll up your sleeves, get on your computer and search for me! Go through obituaries, archives, court records and newspaper articles, around the world, to find Eleanor. Wouldn’t it be something if Eleanor’s killer was still alive, and I was able to confront him? Please contact me with any information that you find. I tried to creatively reproduce my experience on canvas in ‘Eleanor’s Mother.’
By  J. Lura Ketchledge

In ‘Eleanor’s Mother,’ a combination of plagiaristic art style and impressionism is purposely incorporated into the painting to add contemplation and apprehension. Lura split the painting into two companion pieces to represent the divide between past and present lives. One the right side you have the real Lura humbled in astral starkness told by a black and white cut out of her looking almost questioning. On the left panel, Eleanor’s mother is towering almost dominating the painting. The portrait of a ghost with clearly defined edges shows a window into the soul of a long-dead relative with a message to be told. The beauty of the golden chamber with a fluffy texture adds a goodness that is meant to soften the blunt reality of a past life murder mystery. A paranormal invitation has been issued in this piece of artwork requesting help with solving Lura’s real past-life murder mystery.

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Bonus Paintings

Along with the Near-Death Inspired art collection you get two additional bonus paintings. In the bonus painting ‘Pink Orb’ although the most commonly witnessed Orb there is nothing common about a pink Orb. In the bonus painting ‘Ghost At My Window’ Lura shared her story about the ghost outside her bedroom window in 2011on the reality television show, ‘My Ghost Story’, episode 12 of season 2 titled, Haunted Horse Farm. Included with the artwork you get a signed copy of the companion articles for the seven featured art works. What sets this art series apart is that each work of art has its own true story, written by the artist J. Lura Ketchledge. Please note that all the articles, photographs, video, and images remain the intellectual property of the artist.